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Timeline Healing Tehnique
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Timeline Healing

     TimeLine Healing Technique (TLHT) is a highly effective healing modality that allows you to heal the traumas of the past, both early childhood or other periods of your current life, and past lives.
     The meaning of this technique is in an energetic "rewriting" of the past and in the choice of a different timeline for the future — thus all the traumas from the lived traumatic experience are removed.

     This modality includes regular TimeLine Healing, Reverse TimeLine Healing and Future TimeLine Linking techniques.


Timeline Healing

    This is a process whereby certain aspects of your self go back in time to heal other aspects that have experienced trauma or negative programming. All timeline healing therapies are based on the quantum physics principle of nonlocality. One way of stating this principle is as follows: You have an infinite number of selves, one for every moment in Creation, and there are an infinite number of moments. All these selves exist in this eternal now moment. Some scientists have postulated that the Universe blinks on and off millions of times every second, which is essentially true. Every “blink” contains a soul experience, however brief it might seem to third density consciousness.

    Those “blinks” or past life selves that experienced trauma have received emotional scars, astral implants, etheric imprints and causal body blockages that tend to carry over into future lifetimes (or in the case of early childhood trauma in this lifetime, they carry over into adulthood).

     In timeline healing, the soul is guided into a deep meditation and is taken back in time to heal the traumatized selves. This is accomplished by using a standard induction process similar to hypnotherapy, along with guided imagery and affirmative statements. The aspects of self that go back in time are the meditative Light body and the golden radiant God Presence. To the past life self, these two higher aspects appear as shimmering beings of golden light, similar to angels. In some cases, the aspects of the self traveling back in time might choose to identify themselves as angels sent by God to give a healing to the past self. (Often, the past self has no way of conceptualizing the idea of future versions of itself going back in time to give it a healing.)

    Various healing techniques are included during the visitation with the past self. It is important to note that the aspects going back in time are not changing the physical details of the past self’s experience, as this would be a violation of the free will of other souls involved in the past self’s creations. Instead, the purpose is to change the past self’s experience of what happened and to remove the emotional scars, astral implants, etheric imprints and causal body blockages that resulted.

     Once the healing is complete, the higher aspects of the client return to present time and the soul now has a new timeline that includes the healing that was received by the past self.

If the process does not go deep enough, it still works because the superficial version of this technique is the psychological process of “reframing,” which is often used by therapists to give people the happy childhood they always wanted but never received in the original third density linear past.

    When the timeline healing process does go deep enough, it is possible for the soul to “remember” receiving the healing, especially if the timeline visited involves early childhood in this lifetime. This is called “closing the time loop.” This channel has had a number of clients exclaim “A-ha!” when it finally becomes clear who the golden beings were that appeared when he or she was a young child. Now, later in adulthood, the timeline healing process has answered that question.

What can be healed?

* causes of a traumatic experience
* causes of current problem situations
* causes of repetitive situations
* relationships
* generic programs, beliefs and negative scenarios
* causes of diseases
* fears and other destructive emotions
* trauma of the root cause

* destructive programming

Reverse Timeline Healing

      This technique is essentially the opposite of regular timeline healing in that the journey back in time undertaken by the meditative Light body of a soul is to a period in that soul’s experience that was particularly enjoyable and empowering, rather than traumatic. The idea here is to bring the happy, powerful, successful self that was experienced at some point in the past, forward in time to the present, so that the energy can be accessed in the present.

     This is more than simply recalling a pleasant memory. The meditative Light body and God Presence actually go back in time and retrieve some of the wonderful energy of a past experience and then bring it forward in time and overlay it on the present physical body of the client.

    The client then uses this powerful, creative, happy energy to project forth his or her desires into the world. The technique is particularly useful for creating/manifesting specific things in life, such as the best possible career or business, or more loving relationships. Reverse timeline healing is based on the law of attraction. By putting out happy and loving energy into the world, it will return to the soul in various ways.

    Also emphasized in this technique is the fact that the most powerful and creative energies are emanated from the heart and solar plexus, rather than the mind. The mind is simply the mechanical device used to carry out the desires of the soul (or ego as the case may be).

Part of reverse timeline healing involves ways of dealing with the ego when it tries to interfere with the intentions of the soul, as it invariably will.

Future Timeline Linking

    This is a technique in which a link is created to specific future selves. Once again, it is based on the principles of quantum physics and specifically, the uncertainty principle. Until free will directs a soul’s intention toward a specific goal or outcome, there are an infinite number of possible future timelines spreading out from the present moment like branches of a very large tree. As soon as the soul decides on a desired outcome, the possible timelines are narrowed down to a specific optimum path. Of course, there are still an infinite number of possible paths to the intersection point of manifestation in the future, but now the intersection point is established, meaning that there is a discrete and very real future self with which the soul can interact.

    Once the future self is established, dialogue is opened between the present and future selves. The future self, in essence, gives the present self advice on how to reach him or her. For example, if there is a specific goal of the present self, the future self will essentially say, “This is how I achieved that goal. First I did this and then I did that,” etc.


     There can be an ongoing relationship between the present and future selves to keep the present self on course. The future self becomes just like a spirit guide or benevolent ET and can be invoked in a similar manner. This is similar to shamanic techniques in some traditions.

What My Clients Say


    “I received the most beautiful session from Anete. She has the most relaxing and calming voice that put me at ease. I felt cared for as she guided me into a state of deep relaxation. She also made me feel empowered and in control of the session so I felt very safe and free with her guiding me.  During the session experience I received a deep clearing around some blocks that were holding me back in my career. When this was lifted I could feel my own energy raising into a higher vibration and I felt so much more ease and peace after the session.

    Anete is a talented and gifted practitioner and she works with the highest vibration and essence of Source. I am so thankful for this session and look forward to working with Anete in the future.”

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