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Beyond Quantum

    Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) is heart-based, open-minded and open-ended and above all, flexible modality and focuses upon a creative, energetic approach to assist clients in self-healing. It is a self-discovery journey beyond the barriers of space & time, where visits of past-lives are possible.

    Beyond physical body & mental mind, the heart or "soul" is the core essence of the being. Reconnecting to this aspect of oneself allows us to better understand where we came from, who we are and where we are going which allows us to find answers to our questions, to develop psychic abilities and to understand our place in the universe.

    BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) is a method of consciousness exploration through the Higher-Self. lchemical processes, energy alignments and intention decrees precede bringing the client into a relaxed state to explore consciousness. This is a chance to ask your True Self for answers you may be seeking. This is a way to go to the Source, You, where your inner truth and answers reside.

    This is also a chance to get the healing You are looking for. It can help you heal on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. It can also help you gain clarity, release limiting beliefs, and connect with your higher self.


How it works?

    I use relaxation and hypnosis techniques to help clients settle into a hipnotic trance state and deep connection with their Inner Beings. (you may call that your Subconscious, Spirit, Higher Self, and/or God Self) This allows the analytical and critical mind recede into the background so clear guidance and understanding of their lives can come to the surface.

    We will work with my and the client’s combined teams of that consist of: the Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, and/or Higher Dimensional Beings. They assist by guiding the session in the direction it needs to go. Clients may experience the current life, a past life, nothingness a.k.a. Source energy, a healing temple, life as an animal or some aspect of nature, or a being from another planet. We never know where a client will show up but it is always the place they need the most. All meetings are conducted online via Zoom.       


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Who gives the healing?

    Please be aware that I am not doing the healing in your session. You are healing yourself and I am there to guide you through the process. The power of asking questions with the answers coming from deep within your being is the secret to the success of BQH.           

    Prepare yourself to trust that the first thing that comes to your mind is the answer. This is how your Higher Self communicates with you. If you already feel that you know the answer it is because you do and already have a good connection to your Higher Self. Go with the flow. There is no better way to get the answers to your deepest questions than from yourself.       You are a very powerful soul and this experience will allow you a taste of what you can do.

What is it like to be under hypnosis?

    The trance state is a natural state that we visit on a daily basis: when getting up, falling asleep, watching a movie or even simply driving.

   In this state, we are in tune with our own inner world & able to kickstart profound changes for ourselves.

    Alpha and Theta brain waves have been scientifically studied and are of service in BQH sessions. They are a powerful personal development tool known around the world for their potential.

    Today, anyone can access them on their own or with the help of a hypnosis practitioner.

A person being hypnotized is usually conscious and in control. (It is more rare for one to go so deep into trance that they do not to remember their experience) A Hypnosis session can seem like a vivid daydream. Most people are not aware that they actually go into a self-hypnotic state throughout the day – every day. The trance-like feelings are similar to what you experience while working on your computer, driving, reading a book, watching TV or a movie or daydreaming.  These are all states of trance characterized by focused attention. You’ll be able to hear everything around you, but the sounds will not bother you, similar to how we tend to tune out the sound of crickets on a warm night or planes flying overhead – they just become part of the background.

   The Practitioner asks the Subconscious to reveal information that may be unknown to the conscious mind of the subject that will aid in healing and uncovering the root causes of both mental and physical afflictions, illnesses and phobias. The Subconscious always selects the information most helpful to the person in need.     The Higher Self understands the entire situation and every aspect of the individual, including issues from past lives that may be affecting them in their present life.

    Your Higher Self may show you representations or metaphors for learning about your life purpose and lessons. You may even connect with your guides, Angels, or loved ones in Spirit.

After Your session 

   I will record the session and send you the recording, usually within 24 hours of the session ending.

  All of your information is private. What happens in a BQH session, stays in the BQH session! You are welcome to share your recording with loved ones if you choose to.

   Listen to your session at least weekly for several weeks. You will find that the more you listen, the more information you are able to integrate. Notice any changes that take place in your life after the session. 

What can be asked in the session?

    This session is a chance to ask your True Self for answers you may be seeking. Things like:

  • health conditions and how to heal,

  • clarity with relationship dynamics,

  • emotional and financial blocks or struggles and how to free yourself,

  • bad habits or addictions,

  • learning about your life purpose and lessons,

  • connecting with your guides, Angels or loved ones in Spirit.


This is a way to go to the Source, Your higher self, where your inner truth and answers reside.

What is the Higher Self?

    The "Higher Self" is connected to everything that has ever existed, exists, and will ever exist.

   An infinite source of profound wisdom and infinite knowledge lies in each of us and is accessible to all of us. To connect to one's Higher-Self is to hear the subtle messages coming from the core of our beings.

    This divine part of ourselves refines space & time to express oneself through soul expansion & powerful healing. By going under a state of hypnosis through the core essence, the heart, it is possible to contact any aspects that is connected to us, in any shape or form.

   Through a BQH session, we can encounter Spirit Guides, beings of light, Ascended Masters & Boddhisatvas, totems animals, fantastic creatures, ancestors and any energies guiding us on our soul path.

Session itself

   Your appointment begins with me asking a lot of questions about your life so far. This helps set the tone for the session and often uncovers questions that you forgot to put on your list.

    At this point, set the intention that you will have a great session with all of the answers and healing that you ask for. My intention is to help you relax to get the answers and healing you are seeking so you can live the magnificent life you deserve.

   Your conscious mind “ego” will need to relax and allow this to happen. You will be safe at all times during the session so there is no reason for it to get in the way.


   During hypnosis sessions, the person is invited to lie down comfortably,

   Then explores his/her own inner worlds, like in a lucid dream but in complete safety with the support of the practitioner.

   The Higher Self guides the explorers through the scenes of a specific chapter that resonates with the life of the person and what they are going through. It is then possible to visit memories of past lives, of our current life and even beyond such as existences in-between lives, hence the "quantum" aspect.


   The person channels messages from their own inner worlds, answering their own questions themselves. An energy boost is also delivered to support the person through their journey ahead, like a powerful energy healing rush.

   The session takes 3 – 5hours.

How to prepare for the session?

   The client’s participation and preparation are required. Practice in meditation or quieting the mind is extremely helpful for a successful session.

   A commitment to watching recommended videos and/or reading material to prepare is needed. Come with an open mind, an open heart, and let go of expectations, knowing your highest good will present itself in our work together.


Please scedule FREE Initial meeting with me before Quantum Healing Session.

   I offer a free initial meeting to ensure that we are a good energetic fit. During this meeting, we can discuss any questions or concerns you may have about the healing process. This consultation is an important step in our journey towards achieving optimal well-being and balance to understand if this modality fits Your needs.

   If we both agree, you can book a session at that time. Please know that there is no charge for this discovery meeting. Begin thinking about questions you have about how the process works and/or what to expect from a BQH session.

    Once you have booked your session, I will send you information on how to prepare.


    And the most important thing coming to the session is – let go of all the expectations how things should be and go.

     If You are looking forward to learn Beyond Quantum Healing by Candace Craw-Goldman and become a practitioner then use this code ANETE10 and get 10% discount from the fee. More information about the course...

Looking forward to facilitate
the session for You!

Much love and light to You!

What My Clients Say

Beyond Quantum

Me, Anete Pujate

"I am thrilled to see how powerful and effective Beyond Quantum Healing sessions have  been for my clients. I have received numerous testimonials from people who have found clarity, motivation, and inspiration to lead a harmonious life filled with love after working with me. My healing practices are designed to help you find the peace and balance you need to live your best life. If you're looking to improve your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing, I am here to help."
Beyond Quantum
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