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What to expect?

     Please review the information in this page before you schedule a discovery call or book an appointment. Before booking a BQH Session, you may want to schedule a FREE initial meeting - there is no charge. It’s a good way for us to connect and talk a little bit about the wonderful possibilities with Beyond Quantum Healing.  If you do not see an appointment time that works with your schedule, please reach out and I will see if there is another time we can arrange.


The following is provided to clarify the services I offer and what our responsibilities are. These contribute to bringing clarity to our working relationship and assist in creating a harmonious energy exchange and agreement.

What I Offer:

  As your facilitator and guide, it is my responsibility to provide a space for you to share your experiences, issues, and feelings while listening with kindness and neutrality. Throughout our introduction and discovery call I will take the time to get to know you. I am here to encourage you in the absolute best way possible.

   I act solely as the facilitator for you to access your Higher Self to receive answers to your questions, to allow connections to guides and oftentimes profound healing. It all comes from You. Once our session is complete, it is up to you to make the life changes to the answers you received, whatever they may be. You ultimately hold responsibility for your own growth and physical well-being and your choice to participate in the sessions offered.

   Each session is conducted with an understanding of strict confidentiality. All records are also kept strictly confidential. If I feel our work is outside the realm of my expertise, I will refer you to another professional, if possible. I retain the right to terminate sessions at any time and will explain my reasons for doing so.

Online Session Facilitation:

   Individual sessions are currently offered online via ZOOM.

After you schedule your appointment through the web page, a link will be sent to you that will be used to open our session on the date of your appointment. All you need is a stable internet connection and ZOOM to open the session through the link provided. You will also need a computer that is adjustable to face you, good speakers and recorder (possible a headset and microphone if you don’t have a quiet space). There will be a set of session prep documents and instructions sent to your email. Please take the time to fill out the intake form prior to our session. Depending on what is determined during our discovery call, we can also do the session on the phone. They both work equally well and it is about comfort level and each person’s circumstance. We will go over all of this during our initial discovery conversation. We will also review the technical aspects prior to the appointment and what to do in the rare instance our session is interrupted.

   Please do not schedule an appointment within 48 hours without reaching out to me first. Depending on the session chosen, there is some preparation needed and I would like you to have the best session possible. For BQH sessions, please give yourself enough time to come up with your intention and questions that are meaningful to you. For a session 6 -12 questions. Have at least a rough idea of your intention and we can clarify it at the beginning of the BQH session. If you are not sure about your question list, do not worry, we can also add questions during discussion. 

Please Keep in Mind these are Holistic Services:

    I am not a clinical or licensed psychotherapist, and my services are considered holistic in nature. The services I offer do not provide any medical diagnosis or treatment. My services are not intended as a substitute for medical attention nor a cure for any disease, health condition or psychiatric condition. No claim is made for the treatment or cure of any new or previous medical or psychiatric conditions or diagnoses. I do not advise or dispense medication or supplements, nor supervise any medication or supplements you may receive from healthcare providers. I do not work with insurance companies. The impact and effect from healing is dependent upon many influences, no guarantee of your personal results can be made. Beyond Quantum Healing sessions are not meant for those with epilepsy or individuals with diagnosed psychiatric conditions such as bi-polar disorder, psychosis etc. I cannot stress enough how important it is for both of us that you are honest about such conditions. There are practitioners with training and understanding of the parameters and it is up to you to seek them out. 

    To keep our sessions in a place of integrity, please disclose any additional care you are currently receiving by any other holistic or medical healthcare practitioner as it will have a synergistic effect on our sessions. It is your responsibility to do the same with your other practitioners. Please note that I do not offer emergency medical services. If you are in a personal crisis, please call your local support service specialists who are able to give you immediate attention and required care.

Payment for Services, Cancelations, Refunds and Changes:

   Payment is in full prior to our session. You are responsible for this payment, no exceptions. All fees charged and payments made are non-refundable. I require a minimum of 48 hours cancelation notice or re-schedule prior to the scheduled session for you to receive a full refund or credit. If it is less than 48 hours you will receive a refund if I am able to book another appointment in that time slot. My time is important as is yours. There is an energetic meeting prior to an appointment and if you show up late, even for an online appointment, it affects the integrity of the space. The Spirit waits for no one! I understand things happen so I will allow a 15 minute grace period if you are running late. After that time, if I have not heard from you, you forfeit your session and will not receive a refund. Please reach out if you are in a bind, and I will work with you to have our session adjusted in that timeframe or shortened.

  Payments can be made easily through the web page with the credit card or PayPal account when you are booking your appointment. Once the payment is confirmed, you will automatically receive email confirmation and be put on the schedule for the appointment you selected.

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