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Anete Pujate


My name is Anete Pujate and my resource place is a state of peace, love, balance and harmony. I feel guided to bring that more in the world by serving and hepling others. My passion is to help people heal and transform their lives. 

I believe that a healing is a journey and that you aleardy have all what it takes to do that and to reach your highest potential in life. I am here just to guide you through it.

Much love and light to all of us!

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My Story

    When I think back to my earliest memories I remember myself to be very connected to mother nature, feeling and talking to trees, flowers, glass, animals and even water. I spent my childhood in countryside house where my grandmother lived. I was very sensitive and empathic kid. I was totally different than anyone around me. There was no one who would understand me or feel like I do, but I found the consolation in nature and its spirits. I was always walking barefoot when it was not too cold to do that.

    The hardest for me was going to school the first grade. Because we moved to city and in the school we had to sit still all day in 4 walls with many others. Not allowed to move that much and completely cut off nature.  I was looking for love and validation so tried to fit in a lot. And I was forcing myself to do all what it takes and all what was requested. Then I learned that that is "bad thing to feel", better not to feel at all. I completely shut down myself and went the path that my parents and society was expecting me to go. At least I thought so. I lived fully in material 3D world.  I chose the carrier where I can earn, not by heart.

    Then in 2012 it all started to come back and so many questions were rising. Like - Why are we here? What is the life`s purpose? Where do we come from? Why things are happening like thy are? Etc.

    When I look back I understand that was time when my Soul and my Higher Self started to speak to me again. And it was time to come back to my nature and authenticity.

    And I started to look for answers. As more I was reading and learning more questions rose. I started with astrology and taro courses, different meditations, breathing techniques, sound healings, reiki, AuraSoma, yoga. In 2015 I started to take qigong classes and it opened new horizon for me. I really fell in love with that and I became the qigong instructor. It gave me much more peace and joy in life.

    Another life changing technique for me was TimeLine Healing Technique by Sal Rachele, where I learned to do therapeutic meditations and help people heal, overcome, resolve their issues and gain more positive emotions, feelings and raise their vibrations. I was looking for how I can help more, serve more in a deeper level. And then Beyond Quantum Healing by Candace Craw Goldman popped up. I love this technique because it is so powerful and that I can intuitively use all my knowledge and integrate other techniques that I know to help the client in the best possible way for his highest good.

    Love to see that I can guide the person in this beautiful session for him to open up his own knowledge and healing abilities.  

    I just love the clients' sparkling eyes after the session. And that it takes them to the next level on their path.

Let's connect

    My sessions are ONLINE via ZOOM and I'm looking forward to work with people from all around the world. 

If my energy resonates with you - let's connect.

    If You do not find the time in my time table that fits for You. Please write me a message and let me know and we will find the best possible time for both of us. 

Anete Pujate

Ziepniekklana street 64/1 - 6, Riga, Latvia


Anete Pujate
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