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How to prepare?

     After your Session appointment has been confirmed I will send you additional documentation on how to prepare for your session. You will receive instructions. You will also receive a payment confirmation welcome email and an ZOOM link for your scheduled session.

    If you have any questions prior to your session, please feel free to reach out anytime. 

Preparing for a Quantum Healing/BQH Session:

  • Learn to quiet the mind with meditation. 

  • Create intention and Begin affirmation – You are connected to and can easily communicate with your Higher Self.

  • Leave expectations behind.

  • Practice by listening to recorded regressions.

  • Practice visualization – imagination.

  • Read and understand common hypnosis myths.

  • Create list of questions and concerns (Limit or combine 5 to 12 is common).

  • Clear your day after the session, most need rest/integration time.

  • Light exercise before the session.

  • Light meal or snack before the session.

  • Limit caffeine (do NOT ELIMINATE if a regular coffee or tea drinker, just limit).

  • Online sessions- Familiarize yourself with Zoom and ALL of your equipment prior to the session.

  • Recordings are not kept long. Download your audio file immediately!

  • Registration and Payment.

Before the session:

    Please be sure that you have privacy and remain free of interruptions and distractions during the entire session. Please have all of your equipment fully charged including your phone battery and please turn off all other cell phones or communication devices. Please close all unnecessary programs and windows on your computer to keep connection moving freely.

    All initial BQH full sessions are an in depth 4-5 hours and one of these sessions can be the equivalent of 3-4 sessions with a practitioner of another modality. Please allow yourself adequate time before and after session for grounding, assimilation and integration.

    It is helpful to take a few minutes before the session to sit quietly with your thoughts and of what you are desiring to release or see with more clarity. During the discussion we will go over your questions (BQH) and clarify your intention. In the second part we will have the water alchemy portion and begin the BQH session.

Session Schedule - How many?

   This path is unique for each person. The number of sessions you choose depends upon your questions or the facets of your being you are interested in exploring. BQH sessions can uncover a lot and it is recommended to have a period of integration with possibly a shorter follow-up if there are additional questions. With some clients, one in-depth session is all they need!

During the session:

    A very special and sacred space has been created for the highest benefit and it requires our full presence. Once we have have spent some time together, we will set the space with the water alchemy and then begin your Beyond Quantum Hypnosis Healing session. 


    The intention with each session is to create an energetic space to allow you to connect to your Higher Self and possibly meet with spiritual Guides or other healing beings. The benefit of having a very clear personal intention is that it clears the mental clutter generally associated with the unknown in our lives and opens a space for you to connect as deeply as possible in this particular moment.

While I always hold the highest intention for you, I am not able to predict or guarantee any results in your sessions.


    BQH recommends you bring your highest intention and discard any expectations the temporal mind comes up with. This provides the best possible outcome for you, be prepared for surprises!

After the session:

    It is recommended to clear your schedule, not drive afterwards and enjoy the transformative healing energies from your session! Your body may need time to adjust to the changes, your physical and spiritual experience doesn’t end as soon as we disconnect from the session. 

    If your session intention regards personal change, you will need to make the commitment to yourself afterwards. In particular to any of the questions you received guidance or answers to, to continue any changes for personal growth. It can be difficult to maintain, but developing your personal integrity through a steady practice of self-care, self-reflection and meditation, you will be better equipped to maintain the energetic movement and make lasting changes. 

    If you have pressing questions during the time after your session or would appreciate advice on how to begin such a practice, you may set up a follow-up mentoring appointment. Please see the scheduling app for appointment availability and schedule under Spiritual Consultation.


    Please note: Any ideas or insights provided by me should at no time to be taken as binding advice. You have full responsibility and accountability for all actions and consequences arising from our session experience and how you proceed afterwards.

    For online BQH sessions, I will provide a recording of the session and in some instances a transcribed copy of that session. They will be emailed to you.

Additional Session preparation notes:

    Please refrain from chewing gum or candy, smoking, or eating during the session as it will disrupt the experience. Please have a bottle of water nearby and access to a bathroom. It is also helpful to have a grounding snack available for after the session completion. I understand that life can be hectic, please do your best to come to your session as prepared and centered as possible.


    Regarding Recreational Drug Usage: Even though you are in the privacy of your own home during the online session, you may not attend under the influence of recreational drugs or alcohol as this brings in noxious energies and may pass through the shared internet space. It may create a harmful atmosphere and will prevent the benefits that can be received during the session. I reserve the right to cancel the session and charge you my full fee for the reserved session time if you do so. 

Looking forward to facilitate the session for You!

Much love and light to You!

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