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Timeline Healing Technique

heals the traumatic experiences of the past and allows to redirect the resource to the future.

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 65 eiro
  • Online

Service Description

Do You feel stuck? … at Your relationships, family lie, work, health, spirituality or other? Beautiful solution to that is TimeLine Healing Technique (TLHT). It is a highly effective healing modality that allows you to heal the traumas of the past, both early childhood or other periods of your current life, and past lives. The meaning of this technique is in an energetic "rewriting" of the past and in the choice of a different timeline for the future — thus all the traumas from the lived traumatic experience are removed. In TLHT You can heal: * causes of a traumatic experience * causes of current problem situations * causes of repetitive situations * relationships * generic programs, beliefs and negative scenarios * causes of diseases * fears and other destructive emotions * trauma of the root cause

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